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Guitar Clinic

I’ll be in Marieville this Saturday (10/01) for an exclusive Guitar Clinic. I’ll be discussing about the right-hand technique and the importance of alternate picking to improve rhythm in our playing. See you there! 1835, rue du Pont Marieville | Free |

Video Cut

Here’s a video cut from my latest public rehearsal. Live electronics techno-prog music for guitar

Brossard Show Tonight

Tonight in Brossard, I’ll be playing my new techno-prog set. Show starts at 6h45 PM. Pretty exciting to be there. Come and say Hi!
Terrasse de l’Hôtel de Ville | 7855, avenue San Francisco | Brossard

Premiere of Downtown Club Scene Tour

In Chambly tonight! The Premiere of my new techno-prog live act, LFO.
8h PM | Music of Jean Michel Jarre, A-Ha, David Guetta among others, arrange for the electric guitar.

Public Rehearsal

I’ll be testing some new music for my Downtown Club Scene Tour tonight. It’s a free public rehearsal and it’ll be at Bedondaine & Bedons Ronds. A cool pub! 255 rue Ostiguy | Chambly. I’ll be shooting some vids too. See you there!

Instrument of Happiness

Second rehearsal with the Instrument of happiness (20 guitars version). Went very well. Works by joane Hétu and Tim Brady | Concert in Montréal at Gésu 04/09

Studio work

Advice and technical support to the young composer Maude Paquin for the sound design of Sacré Coeur, a play by the TUM University of Montreal | On stage 5 and 6 February
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