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My Industrial Steel Lung | cd

From a bunch of guitar loops and samples, I sketched out the basic moods and noises for the entire project, an integration of sounds as objects to design our modern urban environment. Those sounds, mashed up through various synth modules and used to modulate different parameters, soon became the core of each musical track.
Then, I processed those compositions to create an organic and evolving cinematic movement.
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The result recreates, in sound, the feeling of walking through a city and its various locations to re-connect with people and their daily activities, with a context of virtual human interaction.
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The Breathing Autobahn Absynth 5 Library pushes boudaries of inspiration?
Breathing Autobahn brings innovative sounds and must-have evolving textures for Cinematic production to the Absynth 5 library. This cutting-edge expansion pack covers the sound of today’s most-inspiring Dark and Ambient Electronic music
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