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Ubac | 2006

This album’s a collaboration with Patrick Bizier, a talented french-canadian songwriter. If you’re into the 70’s Rock British invasion and also want to hear some modern alternative funk grooves and riffs. It is definitely a must have! Fills with food for thoughts lyrics, clear analyzes and observations of our 21st century, catchy melodies and, above all, guitars all over the place. A rock sound mixes with my particular textured-guitar approach give a unique and personal character to this musical genre.
I’m known to write instrumental tracks for theater and art gallery, It was my first and long-awaiting singer-oriented project. Release in 2006 and it was well-received either by the fans and the critics. It’s soon became a reference in the « schizo-guitar territory » as written by a journalist.
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Ubac’s french word which means « the shadowy side of a mountain » and that music describes the loneliness and solitude of, sometimes , each person could’ve live in its life. But also the desire to have something brighter and joyful. So, take a deep journey into some really hot guitars and grooves!
By the way, there’s no synths here. Wall-to-wall guitars! Yes!!!!
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