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Cinematic Hall

Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygene #tour2017 #JMPayeur #Zenpoolzone
Downtown Club Scene Tour 2017 | Official trailer
Live electronics techno EDM music for guitar #tour2017 #JMPayeur #zenpoolzone
11/01 | Techno-Prog live version from My Industrial Steel Lung Cd | Available at iTunes
10/01 | An example of Gilmour-like phrase during the clinic. For this cut, we were supposed to hear a guitar loop in the background. Well, we were supposed to... Thanks to #Daniel Bédard, an incredible drummer, who did some tasty cymbals fills here.
A Hans zimmer melody-like influenced over a Drake kind of groove
Runners on a Tennis Court | Official video from the cd My Industrial Steel Lung | Buy it here
I had a lot of questions about how I did my Sound Design for my Industrial Steel Lung cd. So here's a beginning of an answer. Guitar-loop processed into the Native Instrument's Absynth 5. More to come!!! Enjoy!
11/12 | An E-bow guitar solo over an Electronica grooves with some Scandinavian-type sounds and textures
This part of this 60 min-long music piece is a guitar-loop construction based around the bells-like guitar sound
This part of this 60 min-long music piece is a guitar-Extraits de ma performance sonore et musicale en diffusion circulaire où se superposent musique techno, design sonore et narration d'épisodes historiques des fondateurs de la Ville de Chambly |
Chambly (Canada) 2015.06.14
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