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Strum | Live

Here’s a description of all the music and sound design project I put to an end one day or another. You’ll find here all the informations about those projects and many more… Plus some sounds and visual extra clips to get the feel of each of all productions. It’s all about live performances, shows and concerts and productions

Downtown Club Scene

Electric guitar virtuoso to Techno-Prog outbursts: a parallel musical universes symbiosis.
The expressive quality of the electric guitar and the amazing sounds of the 70’s synthesizers where rhythms, catchy melodies,electronic atmospheres merge amid Techno-prog and Electronica to provide an exciting and dazzling musical evening.

Beats, re-beats and grooves performance

For this new tour, I rearrange the repertoire of Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis through A-ha, Depeche Mode among others. Including to this performance my new materials where the instrumental virtuosity, my unique guitar tonal textures give a new shine and breath to this more than actual timeless music. A performance of finesse, emotion and grooves.

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Venue format : Outdoor | Indoor
Duration: Between 60 of 90 min of non-stop music
Style: Drum and Bass | Techno-Prog
Technical Specs: On demand
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Electronic Officium

Electronic Officium is an instrumental work of 60 minutes of non-stop music based around the JMPayeur | Zenpoolzone : My Industrial Steel Lung cd
A concert of electronic music in intimate character, offering musical extracts from the 14th century wrapped in Middle East’s modal colors and textures including electronic manipulations performed on guitar and computer.

A sensory evolutive experience

This composition highlights a variety of materials. The rhythms, beats, melodies, chords, is between-shock, evolve and overlap in musical strata. The medieval mystic repertoire and new technologies revolve around the guitar to give the instrument a whole new orchestral color. The public, at times, may be asked to interact in the musical process. The uptake of these vocals’ interventions is immediately electronically processed and re-introduced into the musical development of the performance to become a template for other melodic excursions. The work is organic, the tempo varies from fast to slow, sometimes suspended or stop and adapts to the random motions emanating from the human environment.
For this performance, I see myself more as a sound architect than a guitarist where I build and "draw" the instrumental landscape, using any kind of musical sources and inspirations, so that it fills and shapes the physical sound spaces to contemplative and meditative colors.

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Format: Outdoor | Indoor
Duration: 60 min of non-stop music
Music Style: Ambient contemplative Electronica
Technical specs : On demand
infos: contact@zenpoolzone.com
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350 | 360 Project

In collaboration with the ville de Chambly (Quebec), in 2015 for the 350th anniversary of the first peoples who colonized and founded the city, I develop and produce a 20-minutes long outdoor live electronics performance in surround format.
In 2009, I work for the the ville de Chambly on an audio document of 2-hours plus of sounds environments including narrations, sketches and music. Based on a text of historical facts describing how people were living their daily activities (workers, soldiers, etc), politics in a religious context relationship to name a few.
Starting from those stories to build the performance. I propose a new approach to some of the most exciting and captivating sketches. To re-arrange and render them in a Techno and Electronica grooves. I took off the best narrations and sound environment parts. processed them to enhance their assets, taking military shouts, rifles rolls to extreme limit. It became a 20-minutes long of live recording, electronic manipulations performance
I mixed and sound processed the whole thing in a 4.1 format where people was listening to the narrations and music surrounded by loudspeakers. A total outdoor sound immersion!
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