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Downtown Club Scene

Electric guitar virtuoso to Techno-Prog outbursts: a parallel musical universes symbiosis.
The expressive quality of the electric guitar and the amazing sounds of the 70’s synthesizers where rhythms, catchy melodies,electronic atmospheres merge amid Techno-prog and Electronica to provide an exciting and dazzling musical evening.

Beats, re-beats and grooves performance

For this new tour, I rearrange the repertoire of Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis through A-ha, Depeche Mode among others. Including to this performance my new materials where the instrumental virtuosity, my unique guitar tonal textures give a new shine and breath to this more than actual timeless music. A performance of finesse, emotion and grooves.
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More information

Venue format : Outdoor | Indoor
Duration: Between 60 of 75 min of non-stop music
Style: Techno-Prog, Electronica, Drum and Bass
Technical Specs: On demand
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