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350 | 360 Project

In collaboration with the ville de Chambly (Quebec), in 2015 for the 350th anniversary of the first peoples who colonized and founded the city, I develop and produce a 20-minutes long outdoor live electronics performance in surround format.
In 2009, I work for the the ville de Chambly on an audio document of 2-hours plus of sounds environments including narrations, sketches and music. Based on a text of historical facts describing how people were living their daily activities (workers, soldiers, etc), politics in a religious context relationship to name a few.
Starting from those stories to build the performance. I propose a new approach to some of the most exciting and captivating sketches. To re-arrange and render them in a Techno and Electronica grooves. I took off the best narrations and sound environment parts. processed them to enhance their assets, taking military shouts, rifles rolls to extreme limit. It became a 20-minutes long of live recording, electronic manipulations performance
I mixed and sound processed the whole thing in a 4.1 format where people was listening to the narrations and music surrounded by loudspeakers. A total outdoor sound immersion!
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