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Acoustic Guitar Special Soirée

I grew up in a small town which folk and trad music were the main attraction of the soirée when we were going out downtown my friend and I. A lot of good and great guitar players were playing each week and were really inspiring. Since I got my first electric guitar at age 19, the only instrument my dad could afford was a 75,00 $ Mansfield classical guitar. I started to studied classical music at age 13, builded my rock licks with this instrument. Therefore, I was into Bach, Stravinsky and Debussy. But soon, I got into bluegrass music and jazz guitar with the help of older players I was listening the Friday night at the local pub. Yes, I wasn’t legit but I’m a tall guy!

Now, electric guitar and electronic music are my main things but I keep practicing a lot of acoustic guitar because it’s so cool to play. So now I’ve develop a unique live set including classical music (Bach, Spanish composers) and also my own compositions mainly Bluegrass influences. And, like tI used to do within my Electronic set, I insert in the setlist some arrangements of my own from artists’ music as Coldplay, Led Zeppelin, and many, many more to give some punch and rock to my acoustic set.

..so now it’s time to enjoy some acoustic music with this special guitar soirée that I put together for your own pleasure! Ask for infos and booking
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Set List | Cover

Suite No. 4 - E Major - for Lute | J. S. Bach
Sonatina - A major | Moreno-Torroba
Black Mountain Side | Jimmy Page
Viva La Vida | Coldplay
Song For George | Eric Johnson
The Clap | Steve howe
Blood On The Rooftops | Steve Hackett
Among others…

More information

Format: Outdoor | Indoor
Duration: 60 min of non-stop music
Music Style: Compositions | Bluegrass | Bach and cover…
Technical specs : On demand
infos: contact@zenpoolzone.com
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