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I strum the strings to create and generate sounds of different textures, shapes and structures |

Music Designer

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Music designer

Designing and compose layer of sounds and music to re-connect people and their daily activities with the urban life |


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I first connect to music by listening workers banging on the trucks from my room at night on the other side of my street |

JMPayeur | Zenpoolzone

Defining myself? I’m a guitar player who plug this instrument in some effects then into an amp, strum strings, change the mess of those pedals effects chain to design new sound textures for some EDM grooves. That’s it! I’m a noise designer.

But sound architect suits me better. An Architextural Guitar Player who produce Techno, Electronica and any kind of music.

…and welcome in this place called Zenpoolzone. A sound treatment and creative production area.

Mastering Studio Session

I recently added the Grammy-award winner Gavin Lurssen software to my Mastering Studio department. One of the most acclaimed software on the market to achieve the most best sounding result to your tracks. Any styles, any genres!
From Pop, Rock to EDM, the Lurssen software offers a wide range of possibilities and control over all the frequencies spectrum.
If you can not afford a traditional analog mastering studio, I can offer you, here at Zenpoolzone, a digital alternative at low cost. Ask for prices and details!

Shopping Mall Neighborhood

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    Jmpayeur | Zenpoolzone
    My Industrial Steel Lung
    new cd | Buy now
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    On Tour Now |
    Downtown Club Scene
    70’S synth music and more… for electric guitar
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    Absynth 5 Sound Library |
    Breathing Autobahn vol 1

Noiseless Area

From instrumental musics, pop songs, soundtracks for Art Gallery and Theater to producing rock bands, celtics ensembles and classical artist, listen here to those samples I composed, arranged, engineered and produced throughout all these years. Then move to the musicArea for more stuffs |

SoundCloud Audio Player
SoundCloud Player

Smooth Cinematic Hall

Downtown Club Scene Tour 2017 | Official trailer
Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygene #tour2017 #JMPayeur #Zenpoolzone
Live electronics techno EDM music for guitar #tour2017 #JMPayeur #zenpoolzone

Architextural Domain

Architecture and Cities are the most influential source of inspiration since I learned how to use Prismacolor. As a sound design and guitar player, I often relate to these environment as source of inspirations to create all my musical noises structures and guitar solos.

Here on a rotational basis, some pics from those cities I walked trying to connect with people who lives and participates into the collective development of their hometown. How’s your life overthere? |

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    Photo: JMPayeur
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    Photo: JMPayeur
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    Photo: JMPayeur
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    Photo : JMPayeur
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    Photo: JMPayeur

Suburb Train Pass |

Toronto Harbourfront Place | …more moving people

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| 1996/01/21 | Dallas Morning News - Zappa | The Dangerous Kitchen

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