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Since I got a Master’s Degree in Classical Guitar from the Université de Montréal in 1991, I’ve collaborated in the creation of works of contemporary music for electric guitar and have participated in various projects including Carbone 14, The Dangerous kitchen (hommage à Frank Zappa) and La La La Human Steps to name a few. I also toured in Québec, Canada, the United States and Germany.
Then as a sound designer and composer, I started Zenpoolzone, a sound treatment production facility where emerging artists from a variety of musical fields, from rock to folk-trad and classical, made use of my expertise as a producer. Through these productions, I remain active on stage as musical director and performer.

On stage, this innovative approach translates into the integration of the guitar as the main element in my Techno performance. I play my instrument to reproduce and imitate breaks, drops, risers and other effects associated with a DJ set integrated in a concert where I cover a broad range of Electronic music from the 70’s up to these days, full of grooves, virtuosity and catchy songs.
I also explore and enhance my musical experience with the use of new technologies and a particular interest in architecture. This unusual approach filter throughout my entire production and is reflected in my most recent album, My Industrial Steel Lung, where the music accompanies the listener in his daily relationship within the city and activities.
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