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Breathing Autobahn | Sound & Patches Library for Absynth 5

Breathing Autobahn brings innovative sounds and must-have evolving textures for Cinematic production to the Absynth 5 library. Fusing elements of guitar loops, created here at the Zenpoolzone studio, and the amazing 3 osc sampler-based structures from Absynth 5, this cutting-edge expansion pack covers the sound of today’s most-inspiring Dark and Ambient Electronic music
All 41 patches include a wide range of guitar samples from one second of sampling up to more than 1 minute of melodic lines, strummed guitars noises and rhythmic patterns. And with the use of your 8 knobs from your most common MIDI controller, you have the ability to perform, in real-time morphing, sounds that push the boundaries of sonic textures to outer-limits. Only one note on your MIDI keyboard let you fall into unexploring territory of cinematic evolving atmospheres for fresh inspiration.
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If you’re in search of inspiration to bring your Ambient and Cinematic productions to the next level, look no further! Breathing Autobahn is the highway to the next future.


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